The 12th Day of Rioja – The 12 Grapes of the New Year

12 grapes The 12th Day of Rioja –  The 12 Grapes of the New Year  Those of you who have been lucky enough to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Spain are familiar with the tradition of eating “12 lucky grapes” as the clock strikes midnight. If you have no idea what we are talking about, read on as we explain where this bizarre tradition originated and what it entails.

12 grapes2 The 12th Day of Rioja –  The 12 Grapes of the New Year  Although many believe the tradition of eating the 12 lucky grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve originated in 1909 due to a bumper crop of white grapes in the Almeria, Murcia and Alicante regions, there are reports that date the tradition back to the late 1800’s.  During those times, families who were well off would often eat grapes and drink champagne to celebrate the New Year. In an effort to ridicule this ‘snobby’ tradition, a group of working class ‘madrileños’ gathered at the Spanish capital’s Puerta del Sol square to eat their grapes and sip their champagne. Today thousands of people meet at the Puerta del Sol to see in the New Year, singing, dancing and, of course, stuffing their 12 grapes in their mouths whilst downing glasses of bubbles.

According to tradition, it is believed that whoever eats their 12 grapes as the bells chime (one for each of the twelve chimes) will have a lucky and prosperous year.

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Thank you for participating in our 12 Days of Rioja celebration & we hope you have a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year!

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